Our Services

OUR SERVICES- NEWIn particular, we provide our Clients with expertise and added value in:

  • The (Future!) Culture of Creativity
  • The Management of Design and Designers (not the same thing!)
  • Innovative Designs made by doing Innovative Designing
  • Beauty, Usability, and Make-ability. Shape Creating and Problem Solving are all a part of our work; sometimes the most important lessons can be transferred in a workshop or with an inspiring talk.

«My lifetime in Automotive Design directing Premium Brands has meant a great many years developing the in-house design teams into a benchmark for the world; inventing and improving the processes and parameters for their successful inclusion in their corporate cultures, all resulting in award winning design».

If you have a clear idea on what you may need, but also if you need to understand and define it together with CBA, and find out which service is the most appropriate for you.

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