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We are a Design Studio and Design Management Consultancy focused on the products and ideas that move you, physically or emotionally. Not just Planes, Cars, Ships & Things that Go; everything today can be designed with passion, innovation, and love, and we are here to help.





Chris Bangle Associates S.R.L was founded in Northern Italy by Chris Bangle with his wife Catherine and his son Derek, in 2009, after almost 30 years of working directly for European automotive companies. Experience has taught us at CBA that it takes strong commitments to Challenge Dogmas with Inspiration and direct Creativity with Visionary Courage to make Great Design and a Great Design Culture.


Chris Bangle

& Associates

Chris Bangle was born in Ravenna (Ohio) in 1956. After attending the University of Wisconsin and graduating from the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California), Bangle began his career at Opel in 1981, and then 4 years later moved on to Fiat, where he designed the brazen Coupe Fiat.

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    Catherine Bangle

    Derek Bangle

    Enrica Gaia

    Fiorella Marengo

    Denise Pecchenino

    Laura Bongiovanni

    Mapimi Tosolini

    Marzia Gandini

    Matteo Mariuzzo

    Ottavio Rava

    Lucia Caron

    Tommaso Borello



& Borgata

We are busily converting an ancient farm and house aggregate structure into a Design Studio/Residency. The Borgata is surrounded by the welcoming culture of great food and wine set in the beautiful countryside, a superb spot for inspirations of all sorts.  The Alps between Italy and France around the commanding Monviso to the west and those of the Alpi Marittime to the southwest make up our panorama.

What we do - videos

What we do - videos

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Stories to share

  • “Chris is not only an amazing designer, world famous, but also a talented manager able to run complex and multicultural teams,” says Sanlorenzo Chairman and CEO Massimo Perotti. “He will not only develop with us outstanding new Sanlorenzo yachts, but also will bring his experience in shaping our future managerial culture.”

  • Chris Harris described Bangle’s legacy in Jalopnik: “This is why Chris Bangle was right and we were wrong: because his brand revolution now resonates outside the car-world, and that is unusual. Normally the car industry copies ideas from other, more radical corners of the industrial map, but in the paradigm shifts being undertaken by so many famous brands you see the Bangle effect.”

  • «Con Bangle - ha concluso - tutto è andato per così dire come da copione, all'insegna di un'interazione spinta da energie positive, della voglia di pensare "out of the box" e, non ultimo, di lavorare in team. Perché non dimentichiamo che dietro queste piccole opere d'arte c'è l'impegno di un'intera squadra, con un ruolo non così secondario di ingegneri e tecnici».




& Case Studies

Inanimatti Production

Sheara animation short film


Full Electric Vehicle


The V.S.O.P. Bottle_New way for Classicism


Illusion by Chris Bangle

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